Latest Stumble Guys (Mega Menu)

Stumble Guys has a lot of positive energy for everyone with its wide variety of cute and fun battle royale games. It also has a graphics engine suitable for all ages, plus fun and humorous character designs to keep everyone feeling fresh. On top of that, the game modes or mini-games are creative and show off an element of intense competition for everyone.

Simple and exciting control mechanism

The controls in Stumble Guys have been completely simplified, so players can continually overcome obstacles or interact with certain objects in the environment. Furthermore, various behaviors directly pull others, causing them to stumble across the gap, or to do the wrong thing and become a loser. While players can do a lot for others, its rich customization features make it the most refreshing experience for everyone.

Take part in an intense and enjoyable battle royale

The game has only one game mode, but everyone goes through different stages, each with fewer players. So everyone's task is to survive, overcome challenges, and get other players out of trouble with dirty actions. Depending on the number of players remaining in the game, challenges will appear randomly and have a variety of content to entertain people or create a new atmosphere.


Cooperate with other players in group events

The stages of each match are divided into levels so that players are constantly vying for the next spot in the qualifying round. However, the group stage is the most important and requires solid coordination with teams of the same color to eliminate all opponents of the opposing team. Group events are highly entertaining, creating a chaotic atmosphere that allows everyone to enjoy exciting moments that no other battle royale can provide.


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